Geneva 2022: what will happen to one of the oldest car dealerships?


Reputation is one of the oldest automobile exhibitions in Europe, was seriously injured after the emergency the event is cancelled this year because of the pandemic, COVID-19 and unwillingness to pay the producers the cost of stands. Now the situation has changed, at the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) has a new Manager who wants to restore confidence in the exhibition by the participants, to pay them for the hassle this year and bring the motor show to a new level.

The Geneva motor show this year was cancelled four days before the opening of the decree of the Swiss authorities, fearing a mass infection with coronavirus the participants and guests of the exhibition. Already mounted the stands had to be dismantled, to return with the loss of tens of thousands of tickets, cancel reservations in a hotel. Geneva (city and Canton of the same name) has lost significant revenues in the past year the exhibition was visited by over 600 thousand people, including 10 thousand representatives of the media, the economic benefits for the Canton from the event amounted to 200 million francs (208 million dollars).


The organizers of the GIMS at first, referring to force majeure, decided not to compensate manufacturers for the loss from the cancellation of the exhibition, which has called into question its continued existence. The organization even requested the assistance of the government of the Canton to deal with the crisis. Authorities have offered GIMS a loan in the amount of 16.8 million francs (17.5 million dollars) under certain conditions.

1 GIMS may have had a new CEO, an experienced Manager and PR Sandro Mesquita. He considered that the conditions of the government loan are unacceptable, as reported in an interview with Automotive News. It turned out that the loan included the following exhibitions in 2021 and transfer of all powers to the organization of the Palexpo complex, it is not only technical support, but also to determine the format and concept of the exhibition.

Mesquite chose to abandon money and keep control of the event for GIMS. And communication with potential participants shows that many are not willing to come to Geneva in 2021 due to the unstable economic and epidemiological situation. To exhibition alone, the regional format of Mesquite does not want and tends to migrate next show for 2022. This date is much appreciated by the participants much more, they expect that by 2021 the negative effects from the pandemic COVID-19 will be substantially eliminated, and the coronavirus will cease to pose a serious risk (at least due to the invention of the vaccine). Canton, however, insists on the year 2021, wanting to replenish the budget, revive the economy and get idle Palexpo, despite the risks of the second wave COVID-19. Mesquite believes that another cancellation of the event, the risk of which in 2021 will be enough for GIMS will be irreparable disaster, and therefore it is better to wait.

Now Mesquite is negotiating with potential investors in order to stabilize the financial position of the GIMS. Not exclude the loan from the Federal and not cantonovo government GIMS on acceptable terms. Part of the money will go to voluntary compensation costs of participants in 2020 to warm them up and to hold the next exhibition in its international scale.


Mesquite wants to reduce the cost of participation in the exhibition, and to make this participation more diverse – more active events, test drives, involvement. In this case, the top Manager did not rule out that the exhibition will be more inclined to B2B format and wider media coverage. Car manufacturers love this concept, as the quality of communication with the end consumer many people consider car dealerships obsolete and too expensive format, and therefore often refuse to try.

In General, expect a 2022 and a bright Prime which has always been generous Geneva.

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