German manufacturer of motorhomes has unveiled its Autonomous electric car

German manufacturer of motorhomes has unveiled its Autonomous electric car


Autonomous driving, it seems, is the future of the automotive industry, and the German Erwin Hymer Group, leader in the RV industry, created the concept of Galileo, to imagine how might look like a house on wheels, when the steering wheel is no longer a necessary feature.

The company Hymer is Galileo as a modular car. Flat chassis holds an electric powerplant, on top of which is superimposed on the body. According to the brand, this arrangement will allow you to more individualize your interior living area.


Another advantage of transfer to Autonomous technology and use of electrical units is that no longer required the instrument panel or any physical controls. This creates more available space within the same volume.

Hymer video talks about how to begin your vacation the moment you set off.

It is known that Hymer also uses the concept of Galileo as a chance to rethink the business of motorhomes. The theory is that people can rent such a vehicle for a particular trip and use it for their needs. When the journey ends, the machine returns to Hymer and the company will be able to remove the top case, allowing the next customer to customize the layout.

Hymer is not the only company that thinks about how Autonomous technology can affect the market of caravans, because Suzuki will unveil the concept Hanare at the Tokyo motor show. The company represents it as a cottage on wheels.

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