German motorcyclists protest against speed limits and bans

German motorcyclists protest against speed limits and bans


European motorcyclists are already accustomed to travel restrictions that have been adopted to improve the environment. At the same time, German motorcyclists are forced to additionally struggle with speed limits for motorcyclists and bans on certain roads.

The Coalition of German Motorcyclists recently supported the campaign “Dialogue instead of ban, Next Step.” Despite calls for a compromise, local laws remain in place, and thousands of motorcyclists have protested across the country.

In Nuremberg, Leipzig, Munich, Oldenburg, Cologne and Stuttgart, bikers opposed arbitrary and sometimes draconian regulations. For example, officials recently introduced a 50 km / h speed limit for motorcycles only on the Bundesstrausee 500 (B500). A unilateral restriction not only prevents the rider from getting normally, but also puts him in danger. There is simply no legal way for a motorcyclist to drive away from the threat.

In addition to double standards in the issue of speed limits, German motorcyclists cannot enter the L687 Nordrein-Westphalen highway. According to the authorities, the reason for the ban is the safety of motorcyclists, but everyone is well aware that the reason is the desire to reduce the noise level in the region.

The situation has caught the attention of the European Federation of Motorcyclists (FEMA). That said, the organization called for talks between motorcyclists and local officials, but that was back in 2020. Recent protests prove that negotiations are at an impasse. Demonstrations will continue in the near future. The next promotion is scheduled for August.

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