German Police Prank!

German Police Prank!


I went to Germany and I had no idea what was about to happen – the real German Police Pranked Me!Special thanks to / @chromecars.deMy new caps launching July 2019 – Follow me on:Music by:Louisville to Liverpool – Brent BourgeoisIf It’s All the Same – Cy CurninCatch Me If You Can – Keith ThomasBizarre Circumstances – Global Genius

there’s a policeman Oliver’s yard up now I’m off to live cig to film with chrome cars he’s got an amazing car collection and he is very kindly charted this jet for us to get to him right now what I love about flying private jet is this no checking there’s no waiting around you literally just rub up to the airport they take your bags both on the plane you get on your knees my cats my crabs if you want a loosey cat or one of – pika they are gonna be ready in July so the countdown is like all you need to do go to the link in the description underneath this video press on that link register and you will be the first one to find out when they drop I’m traveling all around the world and if I see you with my cap on I will run up to you and say hello watching my babies and I get sent videos of my dogs I’m breathing so it’s con goes to instead of all just about the money it’s the beauty of life’s way yeah very good fly Thank You famous previous owner then each is black on black which is pretty well I think that’s the only collection like this in the world because they are so rare in black on black are they for sale absolutely but just as as a set as a package okay look at this one mirror on the first model testa Rossa yeah it’s got a JFK plate on it let’s go guys Wow I feel like a president you guys are welcome straight off the jet with this lineup to welcome me in the back of a continental five from each generation following that’s unreal there’s a policeman I love ours Jana there we go here we go don’t I tell you guys every country I go to I get pulled over by the army or the police and no plates on the car that’s that’s gonna be the fun one I mean it’s a tiny door oh yeah yeah some stupid idiots hello giblets – you know but it’s helped me so much but come on him through all shame pubs I’ve shown your monkey undercut Twitter yep when does father for hums image five people goodness Kim saison Rachel nine LAN initialized confidence night in Townsville on residency officer I’m Alex okay that’s invisible huh okay this is all huh just revolution tomorrow yeah yeah yeah Gustavo yes that’s me right is that yours Nick yeah yeah this my no cameras they basically asked if I’m here for your own wheel or whether for an actual being sure it’s I’m too happy oh good alright so paladin so what you guys are part of the curve on she do you like them no oh yes call them in Germany you need that you guys start you know that you guys got me good [Laughter] seriously I’m leaving their real police now I can tell you I’m actually drunk I knew it when he was like what classes do you have doing like them I’m like you guys are in on this bro [ __ ] you are you crazy are you running like I hope you liked it today that was all a surprise for me I didn’t know what was happening Chrome cars organized everything it was so cool what an awesome couple of hours here just give us quick thumbs up on the video make sure to subscribe and we’ll see you on the next log out Washu – have you guys welcome some somewhat them both were promised but was really not tearing apart was during a bra boost

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