Germany adjusted the plan for electric boats

Germany adjusted the plan for electric boats


At the moment, more than half of the 1 million environmentally friendly cars moving on the roads of Germany run on all-electric traction, and the rest are hybrids. To meet the environmental goals, the head of the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Andreas Scheuer, set the following target: by 2030, there should be at least 14 million electric cars on the country’s roads.

The local government is doing everything it can to achieve its goals: it introduces a surcharge for buyers of electric vehicles, helps manufacturers build factories to produce batteries, and also supports their initiatives in the legislative sector. And this caused the expected effect: throughout Europe, people began to massively purchase electrified cars.

If we talk about our country, it has recently become known that privileges on the import and production of electric vehicles have been introduced in Ukraine.

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