Germany asks automakers assistance for the production of medical equipment

Germany asks automakers assistance for the production of medical equipment


The German government appealed to the manufacturers of the country with the request to consider the possibility of production of medical equipment (masks or mechanical ventilation devices) to help in the fight against fast-spreading coronavirus.

The request is one of a number of actions taken by the authorities to attract engineering and production resources and resolve problems with the supply of critical medical equipment (although negotiations are not yet public).

Work at Ventec Life Systems, collaborating with General Motors

According to the representative of the Ministry of economy of Germany, the decision on granting assistance is the independent choice of the company.

This Friday at Volkswagen said that within the company there was created a working group on the preliminary study of the possibility to use 3D printing for the manufacture of mechanical ventilation devices and other safety equipment. The press service VW announced that the company will be able to start production (despite the novelty of the industry) as soon as you get the necessary information.

VW now has about 125 industrial 3D printers, which are still used mainly for the manufacture of components for automotive prototypes.

VW CEO Herbert Diess yesterday (March 21) announced that the automaker has started to increase production of face masks in China, and also helps the authorities of Germany with devices for measuring temperature, masks, disinfectants and diagnostic equipment.

Today, Daimler announced that the company received a request from the authorities, and currently the group is exploring options for possible assistance.

VW and Daimler also agreed to provide more than 300 thousand of face masks from their existing reserves to ensure healthcare organizations.


The process of unification of the efforts of car manufacturers and authorities for the overall fight against coronavirus – a story not only about Germany but about other countries. So, in the UK, the engineering consortium, which includes the McLaren and Nissan, has developed a prototype of the lung for the ambulance. Endorse it for use in hospitals can by the end of next week.

In Italy Ferrari and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are negotiating with Siare Engineering (the largest producer of equipment for ventilation in the country) to help increase the production of equipment. On the other side of the ocean, General Motors has partnered with a manufacturer of medical equipment Ventec Life Systems, and Elon Musk is negotiating with companies from Medtronic about additional production of mechanical ventilation devices.

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