Get a piece of Mad Max

Get a piece of Mad Max


Lloyds Classic Car Auctions has put up for sale 13 cars from the 2015 sci-fi movie Mad Max: Fury Road. Reported by Motor1.

After the filming of the picture, the cars with all the fake weapons were stored at one of the junk parking lots in Australia, where the shooting took place. For example, among them there is a four-axle truck “Doof Dragon” with multiple speakers, as well as the Gigahorse SUV, the main antagonist of the film Immortal Joe. Whether it comes with a special harpoon and a flamethrower is not reported.

In addition, among the fantastic cars for sale there are: “War Rig”, “Nux Car”, “Convoy Car: Elvis”, “Convoy Car: Flamer”, “Razor Cola”, “Pole Car”, “Saber Tooth, Fire Car, Caltrop: El Dorado, Buggy: Ratrod, and Buick: Heavy Artillery.

Lloyds Classic Car Auctions only sells a full batch of Mad Max cars – you cannot buy cars individually. The cost of the vehicles is not disclosed – the price will be discussed directly with the buyer. The auction house guarantees complete confidentiality, and also undertakes to deliver the entire batch of cars anywhere in the world. You can also pay for cars with cryptocurrency.

In the summer of 2021, the Barrett-Jackson auction sold the famous Toyota Supra coupe from the first part of the Fast and the Furious franchise, which was driven by the protagonist of the picture, played by Paul Walker. Paid for the car $ 550 thousand.

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