Get Mazda rotary turbo engine

Get Mazda rotary turbo engine

A couple of patents filed by Mazda earlier this year, describes a rotary engine with a turbocharger.

If such a motor will be put into production, it will trigger the long-awaited successor to the RX-7 and RX-8 and extend the range of future Japanese electric cars.

In recent years, Mazda is very outspoken about his desire to bring to market a new sports car with rotary actuator, it was added, that won’t do it until you design the engine to match the target performance indicators.

Published patents may be a sign that it’s finally happened. As reported by foreign publishing engine, described in the visualization includes a new exhaust system, which can improve the intake efficiency. In addition, the engine provides a new design of turbocharger.

Patent applications filed in Japanese, contain additional information about the innovative propulsion systems and emphasize enhanced efficiency, which he has compared to previous products.

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“We are still developing rotary engines as a sports car. Technology is good, but if we run this model later, we’ll have to add more technologies such as automated driving, electrification … ” – said the head of research and development, Mazda’s Kiyoshi Fujiwara, adding that the day will come when the new sports Mazda rotary engine will become a reality.

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