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Money is the main resource that we need, everywhere and always. Lack of money is felt most acutely in the most critical moments. In this case, we begin to look for places where they can borrow or take out a loan. But as we know, the banks to get a loan is a complicated procedure. It requires a large number of references and a good credit history. Furthermore, banks give us loans at a high percentage, which is disadvantageous. Borrow from friends a large sum is not always possible, and it is unlikely someone will want you on the “honor system” to give them. Therefore, one of the surest ways that will allow you to close the material question remains the sale of movable and immovable property. And when you decide to obtain a loan secured by car, then the best option would be to take the car to the pawnshop. Now you don’t need to put car on sale on various sites or to frantically search for a buyer, losing a lot of time and nerves. Our pawnshop offers excellent service to take the car as collateral for a very reasonable price.

Why cooperate with us?

Contact our “Central” Lombard You can take the car as collateral, no matter where you are – we are open almost the entire territory of Ukraine. In addition, we offer our clients the following advantages:

  1. no need to look for car buyer;
  2. the lack of spending for advertising your car on various platforms;
  3. there is no need to arrange a meeting with clients to inspect cars;
  4. the high rating of the car, as well as the possibility of payment by cash or by card Bank;

To get loan against car you need to leave the application on our website and our experts will soon contact you. Some people often change their vehicles in search of the best option. Maybe you wanted to buy an apartment, and you just do not have enough money to buy. Now and then our pawnshop will help with pleasure to solve these issues. We offer advantageous to pass the car in a pawn shop on the best possible conditions, because of the high estimated value and reliable service will always remain relevant in the markets.

Our pawn shop has been working since 1999 and today is one of the largest companies on the provision of collateral services. Today we provide the most convenient credit percentage. In addition, we offer flexible terms and interest rates, which ultimately allows you to make loans available to every Ukrainian. Working with our pawn shop, you can be rest assured in terms of confidentiality and careful treatment and preservation of your property.

How to get a loan in our pawnshop?

If our client decided to pass the car in Lombard, we offer him:

  1. Convenience. Customers of our pawn can constantly rely on good standard of services. Our experts are very careful and have all the necessary knowledge in the sphere of lending. This suggests that customers of our pawnshop you can take the car as collateral in the shortest possible time.
  2. For credit secured by car you need minimum documents. All you need to have a document that provides your identity and right to possession of the vehicle.
  3. A high % of the actual value of your vehicle.
  4. Security. In our pawn shops to create a warm atmosphere, has a security service that provides security at a high level. If needed, our specialists are ready to advise you on registration and payments on them.
  5. Provide assistance in legal matters. All our customers can count on assistance in the event of legal issues that affect the safety of your car for the period of the loan, or activities.

Our pawn shop is fully legal and has a license from the financial services Commission Order No. 1873 dated 09.08.2016 year. Find a pawnshop can easily map offices and if you have any difficulties or questions, you can call 0-800-307-773 daily from 9:00 to 18:00.

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