“Ghostbusters”: the new teaser for the Rolls-Royce Ghost

“Ghostbusters”: the new teaser for the Rolls-Royce Ghost


The press service of the British brand has released a new teaser for the updated version of the Executive sedan Ghost. It is reported that the car will be “future-oriented” and will receive minimal aesthetic changes. The debut of the novelty is expected in the coming months.

Today the British company has released a new teaser for sedan Rolls-Royce Ghost. The video is called “What the Ghost sedan have taught the Rolls-Royce company”. It talks about what lessons the company learned from experience with the previous generation sedan its owners in different parts of the world. The car became the best-selling vehicle brand for all of its 116-year history.


Within the video, the company explains that in the US the owners of the Ghost want to sit directly behind the wheel of a car, not ride in the back seat.

It is noteworthy that even those who ordered version of the model with extended wheelbase. Instead, the owners enjoyed the extra space, they allow your family and friends sitting in the back.

In Asia the situation is as follows. Car owners Rolls-Royce Ghost prefer that they were in the back seat, and the car was the chauffeur while they enjoy the comfort and all the abundance of technologies that are in the car. According to Rolls-Royce, the new Ghost will be “focused on the future, but the minimal aesthetic, it would be a real car of its time”.

Talking about this car in an open letter to customers of the brand and the media, the head of Rolls-Royce Torsten müller-Ötvös said:

“Rolls-Royce Ghost is the most pure expression of Rolls-Royce, he embodies the company’s core values in a beautiful, minimalist, and at the same time very complex product, which fully meets the needs of our customers, I think, perfectly matches the time in which we all live.”


It is expected that the new Rolls-Royce Ghost will have the same aluminum platform as the model Phantom, and is likely to be equipped with a 6.75-liter Twin-Turbo V12 with 563 HP (900 Nm). The novelty will be presented in the coming months.

Not so long ago our newspaper wrote about the fact that Rolls-Royce has patented a custom coupe. In the patent office of Brazil on Thursday, 23 July, has released images of the new Rolls-Royce, which differs from other models of the British brand.

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