Giavarina Tesla in Berlin: the pool and dance floor

Giavarina Tesla in Berlin: the pool and dance floor


A few hours ago Elon Musk posted on his Twitter the new render giavarini Tesla, which is now under construction in the vicinity of Berlin. Responding to comments to the post he, in particular, noted that rooftop solar panels and that vent pipe is there, but carefully hidden.


In March, commenting on the abolition of the rave parties in Europe because of the coronavirus Musk promised to provide at the Berlin factory locations for such events. Now he has confirmed that raves can be arranged in a special room inside the factory and on the roof, apparently in a green area with a swimming pool above the main entrance.

As we previously reported, Tesla has slightly changed the project giavarini in Berlin, making it more, as well as highlighting the production of engines in a separate building: apparently it can be seen sa the main structure. In addition, next to the factory have to accommodate the test track. Its on the render there, but maybe it is hidden behind the trees.

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