Giulia and Stelvio without losing “muscle” added to “the brain”

Giulia and Stelvio without losing “muscle” added to “the brain”


The platform of the sedan and crossover kept the 510-horsepower engine and did not become faster, but much smarter.

The Italians have announced an update of both models in their “civil” version, which was not too big. Now it is the turn of the restyling “charged” versions Quadrifoglio, and he went about the same scenario – with the known amendment to the status of a sports car.

For example, the sedan and the SUV got a seriously upgraded multimedia system, which received an 8.8-inch touchscreen, redesigned interface and a number of specific features, which the developers have called Quadrifoglio Performance Pages. A special service allows real-time tracking of the status of certain machine components (boost pressure, exercised power and traction), as well as to record telemetry data.

As for the younger version, the modifications have been Central tunnel and the console, but for Quadrifoglio simultaneously also expanded the color options of the interior: now the showrooms of sports cars can be decorated red or green patches. And promised the imminent appearance of the finish perforated leather. As before, optionally available Recaro lightweight seats on a carbon frame.

Side set the driving assistants has been enriched with new functions, together providing Giulia and Stelvio autopilot 2 levels. There is a system of retention strip, the active controller is “blind” zones, adaptive cruise control, monitoring of traffic signs and assistant monitor the health of the driver.


External changes are reduced to led taillights on both models and 21-inch wheel disks from Stelvio, as well as greater range of colours – for example, because of the original green Montreal Green. In addition, for the sedan and crossover will offer a new line of accessories developed by Mopar. In addition, for example, carboxylic jewelry for the body it will include an alternative exhaust system developed by Mopar with Akrapovic – it is made of titanium, carbon fiber and are supplied with control valve sound.

On the technical side of the changes have occurred. Both a sports car and four-and five-door – are equipped with 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6, developing 510 HP and 600 Nm, mated to 8-speed automatic. While rear-wheel drive Giulia spends on acceleration to 100 km/h is 3.9 s, and the Stelvio crossover with all-wheel drive system and an active thrust vector control – for 0.1 more. The maximum speed is 307 and 285 km/h, respectively. It is worth Recalling that this Alfa Romeo Stelvio at one time officially considered the champion of the Nurburgring among SUVs.

In Europe both the sports car of the family Quadrifoglio should appear in September 2020.

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