Glass Floor Car from the Future!

Glass Floor Car from the Future!


This car is completely different on both sides…! It’s the DS X E-Tense by DS Automobiles, which is based in Paris. It’s fully street legal and made for the year 2035! I’ve never seen an asymmetrical car before… thoughts?? Special thanks to my mate Caspar Lee!DS AutomobilesCaspar’s YoutubeFollow me on:

take a look at this you guys this is the deus ex e tense it’s based in Paris what’s up guys it’s supercar blondie welcome to my channel if you haven’t yet subscribed hit that button right now this is where you get to see the craziest cars right des you guys is the premium car brand from the PSA group let me take you through this one the first thing you might notice is that it’s asymmetrical have you ever seen a car like this before firstly I’ve never seen anything like it the left side looks nothing like the right side it’s mud it’s absolutely incredible let me explain why this is there is two sides to this car for a very very good reason they’re looking to the future now when you look at cars in the future a lot of brands are focusing on autonomy but what they have recognized is that not everyone wants to just be driven around in the future there are some like you and me we still want to drive right so this side of the car is about driving yourself around okay so this is like the pure emotion side of the car the wind in your hair you can see there’s no roof here so it’s about power performance acceleration that’s this side and this is not a door yes it’s like a butterfly door on this side and then come around the front this side here is all about autonomous driving so this side is like a little cocoon where you sit in and be driven around and this is a go winged or a completely different door from the other side honestly this is awesome what do you think so far take a look at this this is a glass floor here so you can see all the way through and then this is a floating passenger seat so if you’re sitting here you’re literally surrounded by the road beneath you that’s crazy you guys so if you want to be driven around you can be this car is driving us so you can be sitting in this little cocoon with you and a mate if you want or you can have someone else driving I’ve been here for maybe like 30 minutes every time we’re actually in an area where there are tourist buses they’re offloading people here in the centre of London and I think like literally they stay around for about 20 to 30 minutes in this spot just taking pictures of the cars look at this see all these people it really draws a crowd this car because it’s so unique I mean what car looks like this alright okay let me show you what’s in here look it’s little coffee machine take this out have your little coffee so this side is all about like relaxation comfort the best materials the air is centered so when the air is fed through into this cabin your you can put in as particular scent that you like this is a massage chair as well you can see the feathers here on the side you see this little diamond detailing diamonds are like a brand feature of des so you’ll see diamonds all the way through this car here as well and on the tail lights they have feathers here behind the seat as well now you might ask what’s the deal with the feathers des as I said is a brand based in Paris Paris is a fashion capital of the world and they want to bring in like the odd Couture high fashion elements of Paris as a city into this car as well so they’ve got the really high quality wood here and the leather materials they’ve got the speakers integrated into the wood this beautiful watch here in the front and then all the highest like quality materials including the feathers this side is all about autonomous mode if you don’t want to head to the driver’s side which is what we’re about to do now take this baby for a bit of a drive pop that back in alright around to the driver’s side I just think this is so cool like you could cut this car in half and this would look like a car in itself right because you’ve kind of got the the front grille here and then you’ve got lights that take up this entire site one of the things des automobiles concentrates on is this Dimond taillight yeah or diamond lights or here we go oh look at this I didn’t get to see this before so it’s driving all the way along City of Lights Paris one of the things they want to concentrate on is lights in all their cars so we’re gonna see some of the coolest lights and their production cars coming out in the next few years all right driver’s side where we like it best right the craziest thing is you guys this car is completely road-legal it is the craziest looking car you would never expect to be able to actually take this out on the streets of London which is what we’re about to do right now okay if it starts raining I’m literally going to have to drive around with an umbrella it is starting to like spit a little bit so we’ll just get it we’ll get a we’ll get an umbrella in there in all the action Wow well this is going to be interesting Mary Poppins Wow okay these are we interesting what you should have is a little like umbrella holder in the car if it does start to rain literally I’m gonna be I’m just going to tuck this into my jacket like this there we go there we go done and now I can drive got to move the seat forward as a button here we go this is how you start the car foot on the brake all right and there’s a little button right here press that these lights come on now it’s on look you’ve got a little green light there now you’ve got to see the lights at the front take this down looks amazing right all right we’re ready are you ready I’m gonna take you for a drive we’re heading out this is how you put it in gear just with this little button hold that down and it will go into drive and then it’s just on the gas let’s hope it doesn’t break oh yeah you again please you again two electric motors and they’re both in front of the front-wheel drive you know the current world champions of the formula e are D s tech cheetah that’s the name of the team this cars the same electric technology it’s based on the same electric technology as the formula 18 that is currently the world you know those bikes where one dies like riding the bike and then it has like a little spy it kind of feels like that but on an elevated level I know that sounds really weird to say but just having this kind of like side compartment next to you feels like nothing I’ve ever experienced before and that’s really the only thing that I can compare it to III thank you oh that was awesome what I love is that if you want this kind of exhilarating wind in your hair feel you can get it but if it’s rainy and cold outside you can kind of cocoon yourself in that section of the car so in one car you’ve got two completely different experiences that is awesome look at this just look at the crowd it draws this is crazy Emily yeah this is my little souvenir as I Drive no we’re gonna go pick up one of my mates Casper he lives here in London you guys if you don’t follow him yet on YouTube go check out this handle it’s in the description below and because I want to be able to get an experience in both sides right so I’m gonna be in the driver’s side talk to you about how that feels Casper is going to go into the silent cocoon right next to me and he’s gonna get like the whole experience of being driven around in this beauty what I think is cool about this is you know when you think of beauty for a long time it’s kind of been said that a symmetrical face is a beautiful face right so you can kind of say the same thing maybe about a car but they’re trying to challenge the concept the traditional concept of beauty being symmetrical with a completely asymmetrical car and it is beautiful they’ve done it my mate Casper is just inside so I’m gonna run in and grab him and show him the car for the very first time all right this is just Modi except my touring house it’s just like a holiday let me do it you have your other real house which is much much bigger than I mean this is basically my flat yeah I looked at are a bit disappointing oh my god I’ve never seen a car with a thing like this on it are you impressed by the for me like so basically what I want to do is I wish I think this car would probably be worth like like twenty to forty million dollars that’s nearly as much left like no why don’t you just trade it in basically this is a one-off this is a concept car made for 2035 by des automobiles so they’re like a new car company being around for years and they’re known for their lights see the light designs just underneath the cover already looks a mad crazy so what we’re going to do is uncover the car you may as well just see it right and are you gonna do it for me yeah so you can experience have to make some Oh like sweet 16 oh my gosh everything what is that J starts pointing at every wrinkle their trick yeah so oh my gosh well the electric look at these life it’s not even look at the bathroom yeah exactly good it’s asymmetrical so I can scarves yes like the opposite of take a selfie with it this side of the car is for driving okay so if you want to have like the wind and the hair kind of experience its accelerating 0-100 3.7 seconds 1400 horsepower around the track that’s the side that you go in right that’s drying it reminds me of remember when they had those motorbikes and you have a little you’ve got like the cocoon of silence let’s just call that so if you want to be in autonomous mode have the car drive you around you sit in this side so this cars made for one person so it’s made for 301 you can sit in this side and drive one and have no one in here if you want or you can sit in here and have the car drive you around ready so this is like the cocoon these are the all these since the license plates we need to we’re actually driving this yeah we’re going up yeah I know I know this is the kind of car we got can we go over done nice I’ve never been close to a car like this isn’t it crazy and then you asked for the third cherries it’s like a floating chair you can see through so it’s like floating in the middle of the glass is that it’s not gonna break if it no right I thought you got them new so you can either have your mate Drive you yeah and see here or you can have the car drive itself phones don’t work well it’s all some of us so drive itself mind blown oh my god Wow so you can just sit there as a passenger chill and have a coffee when I have a coffee usually gives me a runny tummy this has got a nice smooth rides cancel that I’ve cancer that no coffee because you can’t really get out of the cocoon you know closing you scream for the toilet I won’t be able to you like the undertaker or the opposite the Undertaker’s taken so how do you feel about this I know I’m gonna drive you yeah and I want you to get like the cocoon experience yeah come look at this okay I’ve taken over the presidential guys I’ll tell you what this card’s my favorite song about I’m done see you later guys she’s gentlemen so back to super corporate blondie all right Casper cam time about to get in Wow Wow so I’m in the cocoon I’m ready to become a butterfly because right now I’m a what is it before you’re a butterfly do you know how to get out like a jump artist I have some of the coffee rolling okay can I actually I calmly if I can have coffee in here no I won’t do it kind of concept coffee oh thank you Wow Oh as everyone’s dream is to be put into a cocoon by a supercar blondie you can hear me right there we go it’s time to turn into a butterfly Wow everywhere you go people are watching and look at that underneath the floor it’s a reflection of me right now but I can see the floor it’s gravel but if it changes I’ll tell you all right how’s it going can you hear me okay it’s gonna get loud okay although the new eyePHONE bowler you ready yeah yeah you gonna do it it’s gonna be done are you going pause Buckingham Palace then you going to Buckingham Palace yeah cool the Queen yes oh my gosh oh alright yeah you show you know how to drive this car properly okay okay oh my gosh look at that look at the floor come on sunshine my reflection that’s the floor right there wow you look like a Bond villain Wow Wow I love it not at all I feel like I’m in a cocoon look at everyone’s reactions love it I don’t know if they’re looking at you or the car like she says that what Hey ladies don’t even look out no there did they try to make too much money I get him he loves it what do you think buddy wave like she’s smiling good this is mental is this what it’s like to be an Instagram car reviewer you always get this kind of experience I noticed on the car channel this is the most expensive car in the world okay this is relaxing this is what life is all about huh wow I’m just chilling in London with Alex pizza just relaxing she’s having the best time of her life hanging out with me and you know I’m just happy I can be around for her this is great it’s loud loud and proud have you not seen the floor I peaked I peaked at the age of 25 yeah it’s the core device crisis no peeps I either Peter I hope I peed rather than heat look at that oh I really want to coffee this is the future who said electric cars couldn’t be fun look at these people running oh my lord are they running for us no they’re not Oh it’s moments like these they I just want to pinch myself never in a million years that I think Alex would drive a car with me in the passenger seat we’re going brothers this is crazy bye ah I’m tutoring out for real it’s great look I feel like I’ve cheated on my girlfriend with the car you don’t miss I did put my feet up there so you might not sell it for as much money I’ll just clean I need the value to it alright that’s it I hope you guys enjoyed thank you so so much for watching give the video a quick thumbs up subscribe to the channel check out Casper’s channel your food it is the link is in the description just below the video right thank you so much so I can’t drive yet oh yeah thank you so much to the des automobiles team for bringing this car out to London for us to be able to drive around today that is amazing we cannot wait to see what you have in store for us next see you guys soon bye guys bye

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