GM and Ford will help avoid the more spread of the coronavirus

GM and Ford will help avoid the more spread of the coronavirus

The US President Donald trump has appealed to the leadership of GM and Ford for the purpose of aiding in the production of the required equipment. Both manufacturers expressed willingness to help the government.

Yesterday, the Detroit automakers Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles announced that they temporarily close all of its Assembly plants in North America until at least March 30. Well, a few minutes ago it became known that representatives of Ford and GM were invited to the presidential administration of Donald trump.


The purpose of the visit was the search for ways out of this situation with coronavirus. Ford and GM will manufacture medical equipment needed to combat the epidemic of the coronavirus.

According to available information, the GM boss Mary Barra spoke to the economic Advisor to the White house Larry Kudlow. The automaker is “working to help find solutions to the nation in this difficult time, and offered his assistance, and we are investigating how we can potentially support the production of medical equipment”. Meanwhile, Ford said he was “ready to help the administration of the country in all possible ways, including the possibility of production of medical equipment”.

Two of the vehicle manufacturer may be used for production of ventilators, which help people with breathing problems to breathe. According to recent figures, the United States was 10 700 active cases of the coronavirus, of which 64 declared critical.


Almost all automakers located in North America, announced plans to suspend production of its vehicles on the continent, at least until the end of March, including Toyota, Honda, Tesla, Nissan. Production in Europe was stopped at least two weeks.

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