GM first showed electric SUV Hummer

GM first showed electric SUV Hummer


During the presentation of a new large-scale plan to increase investment in electric vehicles, the General Motors concern for the first time showed a new Hummer SUV. Previously, we only saw a teaser image of this car.

Actually, this shot did not become a sensation. The company back in September fully declassified the Hummer pickup, which shares all the technical stuffing with the SUV. Even externally, the cars will differ only in the shape of the rear part of the body. It is also possible that a more expensive SUV will get an expanded list of options relative to the pickup truck.

Apparently, the video shows only a demo layout. Earlier, the company admitted that even the pickup truck, which will go on sale first, has not yet begun to pass tests, since in September no running model was ready yet.

Recall that the new Hummer will receive a fully electric drive with a capacity of 1000 horsepower. A large pickup truck can travel 563 kilometers on a single charge. According to our calculations, the capacity of its battery will be about 200 kilowatt-hours. The car will go on sale at the end of 2021, but the first batch has already been sold out for a year ahead.

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