GM joined the boycott Facebook. What is the reason?

GM joined the boycott Facebook. What is the reason?


According to recent reports, Facebook is used daily by 1.4 billion people, each on average 58 minutes. More than half of them – people aged 18 to 34 years. This makes the social network one of the most major advertising platform and one of the most popular ways of communication between brands and their target audience.

But in the last days against the platform, Mark Zuckerberg, launched a full-scale campaign: dissatisfied with the approach to moderation of content advertisers refuse to cooperate, one after another. According to Automotive News, now also joined the boycott and General Motors. The automaker has considered insufficient the efforts of Facebook to combat hateful posts related to members of the group brands.


GM has decided to suspend investments in Facebook and related Instagram and WhatsApp. However, he urged the platform to work more actively to create “a safer digital space.” Previously similarly entered the North American division of Ford and Honda.

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