GM sues Ford over BlueCruise autonomous system

GM sues Ford over BlueCruise autonomous system


General Motors and its affiliate developer of self-driving cars, Cruise, decided to sue Ford because of the name BlueCruise, which it gave to its own autonomous driving technology. According to Reuters, the lawsuit was filed in federal court in California.

GM believes that the BlueCruise brand infringes trademark rights, and this applies to both Cruise and the Super Cruise system, which is equipped with a number of its models, including, for example, the Cadillac Lyriq electric crossover. The plaintiff also noted that he hoped to settle the dispute amicably.

The “Blue Oval” has already answered this, calling the claims of the Jiemites groundless and frivolous. They say that American drivers have known cruise control for several decades. Cruise is a common abbreviation used by many companies, and it is for these reasons that the name BlueCruise was chosen.

Ford’s argument sounds convincing. Just for example: in English, BMW’s analogous system is called Active Cruise Control, and Hyundai’s is called Smart Cruise Control. However, GM insists that BlueCruise is too similar to Super Cruise and that Ford deliberately decided to cause confusion.

Recall that BlueCruise was announced in April this year. Like the Super Cruise, this driving assistant meets the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) autonomy level 2. At the same time, Ford hinted that its system is better than Tesla’s “autopilot”. Until the end of this year, owners of the new Ford F-150 pickups and Mustang Mach-E electric crossovers will be able to activate it through a software update. It will cost you $ 600.

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