GM to follow Tesla’s lead

GM to follow Tesla’s lead


Since the summer, the General Motors concern has been launching a new service for the online sale of electric vehicles Chevrolet Bolt and Bolt EUV, writes Automotive News. It was developed by Tekion, led by former Tesla CIO Jay Vijayan.

Tekion was founded in 2019 and GM has invested in a new startup from the beginning. Other minority investors include Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi and BMW, as well as some car dealerships.

This is a system that greatly simplifies the purchase of an electric vehicle online. GM explains that it was electric car buyers who in the past were unhappy with the traditional process of acquiring a car taking too long. In addition, a few years ago, many complained that dealers were simply boycotting the sales of the Chevrolet Bolt, as they earn more money on gasoline cars.

Interestingly, GM already has its own online sales system, but it turned out that Tekion is simpler and more convenient. So far it is offered only for electric cars Chevrolet, but in the future it will be extended to electric cars Cadillac and Hummer.

It was Tesla who introduced the fashion for online car sales. This system proved to be in great demand during the days of the coronavirus pandemic, when traditional dealerships were quarantined. This is believed to be the driving force behind Tesla’s sales growth amid a general decline in the auto market in 2020.

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