GMC Hummer EV boasted of CrabWalk mode in a funny advertisement

GMC Hummer EV boasted of CrabWalk mode in a funny advertisement


General Motors continues to release a series of humorous ads focusing on electric vehicles. This time, the representative of the brand, basketball player LeBron James, under the approving glances of dozens of “real” crabs, demonstrates the possibilities of the CrabWalk mode on his Hummer EV.

The ad begins with a lone yellow crab clambering up a rock, with thousands of red crabs emerging from the sea in the background. Missy Elliott’s Get Ur Freak On starts playing. The crustaceans arrive in the city and move in an unknown direction.

The herd passes through the shopping area and is shocked to see a waiter bring a two-tiered tower of boiled shrimp to the table. However, the crabs continue to move and swim across the pool.

Finally, the crustaceans make their way to the Hummer EV. At this point, LeBron is already in the electric pickup truck. He smirks at the camera and turns on the CrabWalk mode. The front and rear wheels turn in the same direction. As he drives away, the crabs raise their claws as if saluting the car.

It is interesting that situations with a huge number of crabs moving around the city do take place in some places on our planet. For example, on the Australian Christmas Island. Every year there is a migration of crabs, millions of crustaceans come out of the forest and run into the ocean.

Deliveries of the GMC Hummer EV have already begun, although the production of cars is still insignificant. In Q4 2021, the company shipped only one electric SUV to the dealer. To date, the company has received about 59 thousand pre-orders for the car.

Recall that it has recently become known that the Chinese Dongfeng is also not averse to competing with the electric Hummer. To do this, the Chinese will create a new sub-brand, which will focus on the production of “battery” SUVs.

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