GMC is preparing a mini crossover

GMC is preparing a mini crossover


The smallest crossover brand now GMC is a GMC Terrain (length 4630 mm, wheelbase 2725 mm), considered to be in the USA compact. The idea is to fill up the SUV range of the class below (a subcompact in the view of the Americans) runs in the company for a long time. In 2018, even on tests was seen a prototype. And in the summer of 2019, the sources in the GMC said GM Authority that the project is dead. And because these events occurred before the coronavirus, peredvinuvshis a time of development of models of GM. Now, according to insiders, the plan revived and the project “will soon give the green light.”

A type of the beginner of the GMC you can consider Chevrolet Trailblazer in us spec. Length – 4407 mm (the RS version, as pictured – 4412), width 1808, height – 1656 (1658), the base – 2639 mm.

GMC brand were sold last year in U.S. 564 946 vehicles (shown here Terrain Denali). Since the market of SUVs-subcompact in America is on the rise, adding a younger model would help the brand to exceed 600,000 in the US alone. In Canada in 2019 sold 86 887 cars GMC, and with a subcompact, you can count on 100 000.


The model must be built on a modular platform VSS-F, known for modern models, Chevrolet Trailblazer and Buick Encore GX. Both under the hood Turbotronic. The 1.2 engine (139 HP, 220 Nm) suggests the CVT and front-wheel drive, and 1.3 (157 HP, 236 Nm) or aggregated with the same transmission, or a nine – “automatic” four-wheel drive.

The concept Granite was an early attempt by the GMC to develop a new segment. With a length of 4097 mm the car had a wheelbase 2631 mm. Equipped with it was turboservice 1.4 (140 HP, 201 Nm) and dvuhspalnom six-speed “robot” with front-wheel drive, and it was based on the platform Gamma II.

Given the positioning within the GMC group, the SUV of this brand will surely get a senior version of the power plant by default. In General, insiders told GM Authority that the car will be “highly differentiated” compared to the brothers Chevrolet and Buick. Reserve proprietary names for future models from the manufacturer considerable: Granite (also called concept 2010, shown above), Graphyte, Anthem and Tribute. From the show car a decade ago, a novice can take the title, but not the exterior – that will be drawn completely anew.

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