GMC to expand Sierra electropicaps

GMC to expand Sierra electropicaps


Not satisfied with the shock of car enthusiasts after the release of the Hummer EV SUV, GMC auto giant confirmed that it is now working on an all-electric version of the Sierra pickup truck.

During a national dealer meeting actually held by General Motors earlier this month, GMC President Duncan Aldred told the automaker’s dealers that there are several other electric vehicles on the agenda besides the Hummer.

There will be an all-electric Sierra pickup truck, but there are no deadlines yet. This whole electric thing is a moving target, ” Lynn Thompson, President of Thompson Buick GMC Cadillac in Missouri, told the Detroit Free Press.

It’s no surprise that GMC is looking to electrify its pickups, especially when you consider that the all-electric Ford F-150 is just around the corner. Very few details are known about the electric Sierra at this point, but it may share some powertrain and chassis components with the Hummer EV. Autoblog suggests that it may also be produced at the same factory in Hamtramck, Michigan, as the Hummer.

During the meeting, GMC assured dealers that despite the upcoming Hummer EV and electric Sierra, it will not be fully electric.

“Duncan said that of course we are not going to give up cars with internal combustion engines, because this is our main business, and that was good to hear. To let people know that they’re not going down the same road as the Cadillac, ” said the dealer, who requested anonymity.

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