Go to LPG: the price of gas dropped below 10 UAH/l

Go to LPG: the price of gas dropped below 10 UAH/l


Prices of liquefied natural gas on the stelae of the majority of filling stations had dropped below 10 UAH/liter, the average price approached of 10.45 UAH/liter, according to the daily price monitoring “Consulting group A-95”.

The price of gas at the stations UPG 8 April fell by 60 kopecks./l to 9.80 UAH/liter. Network of AMIC has reduced prices by an average of 25 cents/l, and the Shell has lowered the price by 27 kopecks./l, to 10.24 UAH/liter.

By 23 kopecks./l to 9.87 autogas is cheaper at the stations “BRSM-Nafta”. Network BVS, Chipo, “Kind-Nick”, “Avantazh 7”, Motto and Mango reduced the cost of gas to 10-25 UAH/L.


As previously reported, the cost of gas on the Eastern border of Ukraine has decreased in the beginning of April to $115/ton, and the cost of bulk product in Ukraine has reached 9500 UAH/t.

According to market participants, at such a wholesale price expect the equivalent in retail in the range of about 8-9,5 UAH/l in the different segments.

The change in retail prices of LPG at petrol stations with 7 for April 8, UAH/l:

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