‘God’ for hydrogen: Pope’s new car

‘God’ for hydrogen: Pope’s new car


Our European colleagues assure us that there is nothing strange in the choice of Pope Francis. The Pontiff has previously called for attention to environmental issues. So the words of the head of the Catholic Church do not ultimately differ from the case. In July, the Vatican received a pair of electric Smart Forfours, and now the garage has been replenished with a fuel-cell Toyota Mirai.

This is one of two special cars that were built for the Pope’s visit to Japan in November 2019. The special Toyota Mirai (now the last generation) is painted in the traditional snow-white color for papamobiles. The roof over the back sofa was cut off, and instead a high canopy was installed, allowing the Pontiff to communicate with the congregation standing, holding on to the rail. And in General, the body behind the Central pillars is seriously redesigned: the car exceeds five meters in length and 2.7-in height.

There seems to be no question about the ecological cleanliness of the new papamobile: the exhaust of the fuel – cell powerplant is water vapor. That’s only as a “fuel” Mirai consumes hydrogen. And as the editors of the Italian edition of Motor1 tell us, there is only one such gas station in Rome. Moreover, it is located 15 km from the Vatican. It’s not very practical.

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