“Golden” Polestar 1 will be the last

“Golden” Polestar 1 will be the last


The Polestar 1 hybrid coupe, presented in 2017, will be discontinued this year. However, before retiring, the Swedish brand’s halo car will receive a special, “farewell” version, limited to 25 pieces and painted in a matte golden color.

The entire run of Special Polestar 1 will be included in the final production slots, and they will be selected before the end of 2021. These hybrids feature a matte gold paint job and Akebono brake calipers, black wheels and gold stitching in the cabin. But technically, nothing new should be expected.

The Polestar 1 Coupé is built on the SPA platform that underpins the larger Volvo models. Under the outer panels of its body, made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, there is a hybrid power plant consisting of a 2.0 turbo four (it produces 308 hp and spins the front wheels) with a turbocharger and a drive supercharger, two rear electric motors, a 34 kilowatt battery. hours and an eight-band machine. The total output of the system is 609 horsepower and 1000 Nm of torque.

The first “hundred” two-door is exchanged in 4.2 seconds, and without starting the internal combustion engine drives up to 124 kilometers in the WLTP cycle. In the UK, Polestar 1 prices start at £ 139,000, which equates to $ 194,200. In its native Sweden, a hybrid costs from 1,699,000 kroons, or 202,500 dollars.

After removing the “one” from production, Polestar will have only one model – the Polestar 2 electric liftback. And by 2030, the brand promises to present a truly climate-neutral car. This means that not a single gram of greenhouse gases will be emitted into the atmosphere throughout the entire chain of its production. This figure for Polestar 2 is now 26.2 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.

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