Gone in a few seconds: TOP most vulnerable cars

Gone in a few seconds: TOP most vulnerable cars

Experts of “What Car?” tested seven popular on the British market models for tampering. It turned out that hack Roadster Audi TT RS with Keyless entry is only five seconds.

The study involved seven models: besides the Audi TT RS and Mercedes-Benz A-Class, it was a Land Rover Discovery and Discovery Sport, and also Ford Fiesta, BMW X3 and DS3 Crossback. All of these models feature Keyless access to the salon, which allows attackers to intercept the signal and gain access to car.

Knowing about this flaw in the system, automakers began to use the technology of motion sensors. They are able to determine, moved whether the key within a certain time and disable it.


For example, such a system can be found in Audi, BMW, Ford and Mercedes-Benz. Group Jaguar Land Rover went the other way and has equipped some models with a signal transmission system in a wide range, which complicates its interception.

The specialists of “What Car?” has proved that provided if the FOB is active, the vehicle theft will take less than a minute. For example, the cracking Audi TT RS and DS3 Crossback took only five seconds, while the BMW X3 was a waste of 40 seconds. Same time left and the fact that the offender got into the cabin of the Ford Fiesta. To be in the driving seat Land Rover Discovery in 20 seconds, but to escape from the scene of the thief did not. But the Discovery Sport is less secure – the break-in took 10 seconds and another 20 took to escape from the scene of the crime. And, finally, interception of the signal key Mercedes-Benz A-Class took 30 seconds.

In addition, on the market there are accessories that are designed to protect the vehicle from theft. These include special case for storage key that does not allow the kidnappers to hack the device.

And how do You protect your car? What additional protection against unauthorised use?

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