Google became a sponsor of the Formula 1 team McLaren Racing

Google became a sponsor of the Formula 1 team McLaren Racing


Google has become the title sponsor of the McLaren Racing team in Formula 1 and Formula E. Now the MCL36 cars have the Android and Chrome logos, and the electric McLaren MX Extreme E with the number “58” has emblems Google. The equipment of McLaren pilots will also be branded: British Lando Norris, Australian Daniel Ricardo, New Zealander Emmy Gilmore and American Tanner Faust.

Crimea is branding cars, Google is going to give McLaren Racing a technological boost. For the entire upcoming season, the team has been victorious about gadgets on the Android operating system that work with 5G technologies.

Space the MCL36 car with Android and Chrome logos. In addition, the stink of showing up on sholomas and equipment of pilots Lando Norris and Daniel Ricardo. You can also recognize the Google logo on the McLaren MX Extreme E, which wears the number “58”, as well as on the racing suits of the New Zealander Emmy Gilmore and the American Tanner Faust.

In the middle of the fierce McLaren Racing presented a new car to the Formula 1 championship. Yogo was prompted in accordance with the new technical regulations, which conveys the simplification of aerodynamics for the sharpening of the fight on the highway. The car is equipped with a Mercedes-AMG F1 M13 E Performance engine and a McLaren gearbox. The car was inspired by the team’s historical bright orange color with hints of blue.

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