Google made the XC60 smarter

Google made the XC60 smarter


Volvo Cars today spoke about the features of the 2022 XC60 SUV. The Swedes called the transfer of the Sensus media center to the Android operating system and the emergence of services from Google (Assistant, Maps, Play) as the most important innovations. The first google set was the XC40 Recharge electric car, and the XC60 was the second and immediately “became smarter than ever before.” The services are organized into a subscription-based digital services package.

Facelift has changed the structure of the grille and the shape of the front bumper, expanded the choice of body colors and rims. Which shades and rims have become new, Volvo does not consider it necessary to explain. Like, XC60 is a bestseller and “Car of the Year”, more than 1.68 million units have been sold, figure it out for yourself.

Active safety is now managed by Volvo’s ADAS platform, which “consists of a multitude of radars, cameras and ultrasonic sensors.” All of them are also known from the XC40. From now on, the Volvo XC60 SUV should have active detection and prevention systems working without interruption.

The interior of the 2017 model is so good that Volvo changes only the finishing materials, getting rid of natural leather and introducing synthetics. Meanwhile, the touchscreen remains at 8.7 inches.

The production of the updated XC60 will start at the end of May. According to Volvo, almost 200,000 sixties were sold in 2020 (29% of the total). The SUV holds the leading position in the European mid-size premium segment and is one of the five world leaders in the same class. Dry statistics says that 191 696 units were sold (-6.5%). In Europe, demand fell to 70,533 vehicles (-11,343). In the US, the figure reached 32,078 (+1,500), but sold less than in 2018 (32,689).

The SPA platform at the heart of the XC60 will be replaced by the SPA2 trolley in 2022. For the “sixty” it is a matter of life and death. Either the model will step into the third generation, becoming an electric car, or it will retire. Only the XC60 Recharge hybrids, previously designated Twin Engine, will survive until the decisive moment in Europe.

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