Google maps shock tube in Kiev caught up with Jakarta and Bangkok

Google maps shock tube in Kiev caught up with Jakarta and Bangkok


Over the past year, traffic jams in the capital of Ukraine captured the center and outskirts of the city, “caught up” famous “capital of traffic jams,” Jakarta and Bangkok. It becomes obvious from the global rating from the world famous company for the study of road traffic TomTom, transmit Ukrainian news.

Located on the 12th place in world rankings behind Kiev is located on 10-th position of the Indonesian capital Jakarta and occupying 11-e a place the capital of Thailand Bangkok. In this case, all 3 cities have the same index of TomTom – 53%. A “backlog” of Kiev in ranking in this case is rather positive and a negative factor.

So, Jakarta and Bangkok throughout the year, kept the figure of 53%, and therefore are at a higher position than Kiev. The Ukrainian capital “built up” for the year from 7% caught up with the legendary capital of the tubes.

“Jump” plugs by 7% is a record for the Top 50 cities rated tubes.

At the same time, behind Kiev in the ranking was $ 20 million Mexico city, reaching the 13th place. And become a true legend of the chaos and congestion of traffic of 16 million Egyptian Cairo, and the Malaysian Kuala Lumpur, the reality fell far short of the Ukrainian capital. So, the Egyptian capital was ranked at the 36th place, and the capital of Indonesia is on the 46th.


The capital of Ukraine became the third city of Europe in complexity of movement and located between with more than 8 million population of Bangkok (Thailand) and Mexico city (Mexico). In the top 15 of the ranking is dominated by cities with a population of more than 7-8 million people.

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