Gorilla Glass on your Jeep’s frontal

Gorilla Glass on your Jeep’s frontal


Owners of Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator SUVs have the opportunity to install a windshield similar to a smartphone display on their cars.

The Jeep brand decided to equip their SUVs with a new heavy-duty windshield, which is made using a technology called Corning Gorilla Glass. According to the press service of the American company, similar material is used in the development of displays for smartphones.

Such replacement glasses are already being offered to owners of Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator pickup trucks. You can buy them for an existing car. For example, for the Jeep Wrangler model, such glass will cost at least $ 645. For some reason, SUVs will not be equipped with such glasses directly at the factory, it is not reported.

“The combination of an ultra-thin inner layer of Gorilla Glass with a 52% outer layer makes the windshield lighter and more durable. The technology demonstrates excellent resistance to chips, cracks: which is especially important off-road, “- noted in Jeep.

For the first time, heavy-duty glasses were demonstrated on the Jeep Wrangler Orange Peelz concept car. This prototype was unveiled during the annual Easter Safari near Moab, Utah.

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