Got into the taste: Jeep trolls Ford again

Got into the taste: Jeep trolls Ford again


Jim Morrison, the head of the Jeep brand in North America, does not choose very diplomatic methods of competition. He recently trolled Ford for the rapid deterioration of the Bronco roof, and now he’s switched to Explorer Timberline.

“I really feel sorry for the [Ford Explorer Timberline] customers being cheated,” Morrison told Muscle Cars & Trucks. “You can paint the tow hook red, but it won’t get any stronger.”

The banter did not end there. A top manager pointed to a photo of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk climbing the hill and said that Ford couldn’t do the exercise.

“We’re developing off-road options from scratch and expanding off-road capabilities, not just sticking stickers,” he concluded. Such is the unhealthy competition.

The two-row Grand Cherokee Trailhawk will enter the market only at the end of the year, so for now we can only compare the two competitors on paper. The Jeep is equipped with all-terrain tires, Quadra-Lift air suspension, which raises the body to a height of 287 mm, Quadra-Drive II all-wheel drive with limited slip differentials and Selec-Terrain driving mode selection system. The SUV is available with a 381 hp plug-in hybrid. and 637 Nm, as well as a V6 3.6 with a return of 293 hp. and 348 Nm and a V8 with 357 hp. and 528 Nm.

Ford Explorer Timberline offers 221mm ground clearance, four-wheel drive and a rear limited slip limited-slip differential. In the engine lineup, only the 2.3-liter four-cylinder turbocharged internal combustion engine producing 303 hp. and 420 Nm.

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