Grandeur 2020: a ticket in the premium?

Grandeur 2020: a ticket in the premium?


A model that is not sold in our market officially, is always a double – edged sword. Is no exception and the Hyundai Grandeur, or rather a facelifted version of the sixth generation of the model. On the one hand, you do not receive all the benefits of having the official warranty. On the other hand, this sedan will clearly stand out in the stream not that bright (in our market) representatives of the business class. So is the game worth the candle?

Strange that this car is positioned as a “restyling” of the sixth generation. Because the number of changes relative to previous models is enormous (at least by the standards of the restyling). Let’s count.

Extended 40 mm wheelbase, which allowed more space for the rear passengers. All-new exterior design, which may like or not like it, but boring it certainly will not be called (particularly the resolution with the built-in pattern radiator grille with turn indicators). Completely different architecture of the front panel, which will be able to reconcile the lovers of large displays and connoisseurs of hard buttons, because the balance between one and the other seasoned almost perfectly. Finally, the new 2.5-litre atmospheric motor, speed which is enough for even trying to ride a five-meter “ship” quite rapidly. Anyway, all this is new, and it does its function perfectly.

There are, of course, the less pleasant side of this sedan. For example, the lack of pedigree of the reactions of the suspension (because the class already requires) that much too much passes small irregularities of the roadway. Materials in the cabin, which well does not claim the status of “premium” (even if you are talking about the Japanese premium, because one of the potential competitors Grandeur is a Lexus ES). Ill-conceived (for tall people) ergonomics of the driver’s seat in which to sit comfortably behind the wheel will not be for everyone. Word, and have something to complain about.

To pay for this Grandeur need even more than basic (Yes, basic brand, but still) Lexus ES. So is it worth it? To judge, as always, to you, but in our test is all the tips.

Pleasant viewing!

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