“Granny sleeper” BMW 7 series with mileage of 255 km was put up for auction

“Granny sleeper” BMW 7 series with mileage of 255 km was put up for auction

E38 is one of their most beloved fans of the BMW model, and find a “seven” in perfect stock condition, and even with close to zero mileage today is almost impossible. Nevertheless, such a car surfaced recently on eBay in Germany.

Conservation of cars – exotic and risky business, requiring large investment, but promises a very good profit in the future. She is very calculated, a businessman from Poland, who bought BMW 740i dark green in the back of E38. The machine was produced in 1997, the first owner was listed as a German citizen born in 1927. Purchase overage pensioner enjoyed a long, and the mileage of 255 km “seven” went on the tow truck in the Polish town of Gogolin. The new owner Packed up the car in a plastic bubble with a mechanical recirculation of air (the outside of the packaging is similar to blister packs for scale models) and began to wait patiently for the right moment to put the car up for sale and win big.


Car Polish, quite frankly, made good. Even if you pipeline life BMW E38 became a cult model and became famous in action movies “the Transporter,” “Tomorrow never dies” (18th film in the James bond movie) and Bumer. Collectors E38 is the last “analog seven”, fairly reliable and trouble-free, and its verified by the Austrian designer Smartly Boyer became standard, and today the body of this “seven” is considered a masterpiece.

Modification of 740i is equipped with a 4.4-litre naturally-aspirated V8 (M62) with a power of 286 HP and 5-speed hydromechanical “automatic”, driven wheels – rear wheel drive on the “sevens” generation E38 was not. For sale, a copy with cream leather interior well equipped, all the equipment is stock, no Amateur. The front seats in particular are motorized adjustments and heated, climate control, side airbags, Parking sensors and original radio with cassette.

In General, a sight for sore eyes, not a machine – stand would she still stand in his bubble, but then, you know, came the global epidemic of coronavirus COVID-19, and the pole, apparently, got nervous, fearing the coming collapse of the world economy and the fact that soon the population of planet Earth will have no luxury items and collectibles. In General, he exhibited his canned seven on the German eBay, and at the time our publication has been made 46 rates, latest – 50 650 euros, which is less than the reserve to which the seller is entitled to remove the car from the auction.


Bets are accepted until March 31, so time to think is still there. In the best of times, of course, less than 250 thousand Euro to give away such a treasure would not make any sense, but today people prefer to spend money on bins with the ventilator and not on classic cars, so time to sell the pole selected is not very suitable. On the other hand, tomorrow may be even worse. The demand in this case restricts the fact that the delivered purchase can only be within Europe, that is, collectors of, say, the US or Japan will have their own account to bother with the logistics. But the car is well worth the effort, unless, of course, the situation is exactly as written in the ad.

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