Great Wall builds his Bronco?

Great Wall builds his Bronco?


The Chinese have released a series of teasers of the new car, which will be released under the name Wey, and was on the verge of charges in the next plagiarism.

Concern Great Wall has created a new “premium” brand Wey in 2017 year. In a short time the line has to Fund the new product, now known under the designation P01: according to some, the concern is preparing to release SUV, built on the classical scheme.

This is confirmed by the official teaser, which depicts a car with brutal appearance: vertical grille, flat roof, flared wheel arches, spare wheel on the tailgate, and the like. However, the designers of the Great Wall has been accused that source of inspiration when creating the look of Wey P01 for them was… the new Ford Bronco.


Strictly speaking, both American and Chinese SUVs exploit the same stylistic theme that is specified for this segment is still the first “Rangename” and “land Rover.” However, some visual details Wey P01 is really reminiscent of revived American legend – for example, the rounded configuration of head optics, which includes a horizontal Central bar. However, “Chinese”, this bar still takes place on the front wings, curving at a right angle.

However, in order to finally understand whether similar Wey P01 Ford Bronco will have to wait for the full declassification of Chinese novelties. It will happen at best in the next year. At the moment we know about the project a bit: the SUV promised frame as a bearing element, independent front suspension and rear beam axle, and plug-wheel drive with reduction gear.

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