Great Wall presented the production version of the crossover Wey Latte

Great Wall presented the production version of the crossover Wey Latte


The Great Wall press service has published images of the Wey Latte serial cross, the prototype of which was presented in the spring of 2021.

The appearance of the serial Wey Latte hardly differs from the concept. Length – 4,668 millimeters (mm), width – 1,890 mm, height – 1,730 mm, wheelbase – 2,745 mm. The cross is equipped with 19- and 20-inch wheels. The novelty is based on the modular platform L.E.M.O.N. with independent rear suspension.

In the Wey Latte salon there is a virtual “tidy”, a multimedia system touchscreen, a touch-sensitive air conditioner control unit, a screen in the rear-view mirror. All necessary information is projected onto the windshield.

The new Wey Latte is offered only in a hybrid version. The hybrid unit consists of a 156 horsepower 1.5-liter turbo petrol engine and an electric motor. The total power is 238 horsepower. A traction battery with a capacity of 1.7 kWh is installed under the rear seats. The gearbox is robotic.

As noted by the press service of the Great Wall, the L.E.M.O. N. DHT can operate in several modes: parallel and serial. So, at low speed, the wheels rotate only with the help of an electric motor, and the gasoline engine acts as a generator. With further acceleration, the combustion engine is connected to the drive wheels.

Sales of Wey Latte on the Chinese market will begin in autumn 2021.

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