Great Wall showed its “Raptors” and “T-Rekosv”


The Ford F-150 has been in high demand in the US for decades, and there is no sign that the model will lose interest. Ford recently unveiled the next-generation Ranger, which will ship to 180 countries, and this is likely to further cement the brand’s dominance in the pickup segment. But there is at least one market where the blue oval does not hit sales records, and that is China. The Great Wall rules the ball.

The local auto giant has a successful line of pickup trucks, and upgrades were unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The first in line is the Black Buller, based on the production version of the Poer. The prototype got a snorkel, large off-road wheels, arch linings, a winch, new bumpers, a 51 mm higher ground clearance and much more.

Other projects include the hardcore off-road concept Baja Mad Man, an all-electric version of the Poer, a theoretical rival to the Ford F-150 Lightning, a Poer Pro variant, and even a tuned version for street racing.

Last year, about 452,000 pickups were sold in the Middle Kingdom, and by the end of 2025, according to experts, the figure could rise to 840,000. If the government continues to allow the use of trucks in cities, then by 2030 the volume of sales will reach 1,670,000 copies.

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