Great Wall tried to hide, but it didn’t work out very well.

Great Wall tried to hide, but it didn’t work out very well.


Chinese concern Great Wall may launch a new sub-brand, the first of which will be an electric sedan with a retro design reminiscent of Nissan models from the 70s. The conceptual harbinger of the novelty was shown at the Beijing Motor Show in 2020, then patent images of the serial version appeared on the Web. Now the Cheshi portal has published a spy shot of a disguised car, in which they recognized the upcoming Great Wall novelty by just one detail.

On patent images, the sedan appears under the Wey brand, however, with a high degree of probability, Great Wall will choose a different name for the new sub-brand – for now, the project is codenamed BC. The fact that this particular model is hidden under the camouflage is indicated by the unusual design of the rims, which could not be hidden. Also, the four-door under the covers has the same body shape with heavily littered rear pillars as the car on the patents below.

The 2020 concept was called the Futurist (or Chaopai) and was designed by Phil Simmons, who moved from Land Rover’s design chief to the same position at Haval two years ago. The electric car differed from the production version in the design of the radiator grille, optics and disks – they were multi-spoke.

Almost two years have passed since the debut of the show car, but there is still no information about the power plant.

The Great Wall portfolio already has a brand under which retro-style electric cars are produced – Ora. Recently it became known that the Ora lineup will be replenished with the Lightning Cat model with a la Porsche design, which is comparable in size to the KIA K5, and it is driven by a 204-horsepower electric motor.

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