Great Wall wants to buy out the Nissan plant

Great Wall wants to buy out the Nissan plant


The Chinese concern Great Wall Motors (GWM) wants to buy the Barcelona plant from the Renault-Nissan alliance. According to Reuters, the automaker is studying the possibility of buying the largest Nissan plant, and start-ups from Sweden that are engaged in the production of electric cars and scooters are showing interest in neighboring production facilities. The arrival of a Chinese investor will save jobs, so the Spanish authorities are interested in the deal.

In Barcelona, ​​Nissan has a cluster of three factories. According to Reuters, the production itself employs three thousand people, and another twenty thousand people are indirectly associated with the site.

The union believes that if the parties fail to agree, and the Japanese firm decides to close the plant, Barcelona will lose 1,600 direct jobs. The rest will be less affected, as Nissan has developed a range of measures that will reduce the negative effects of the carmaker’s departure.

In Barcelona, ​​the Renault-Nissan concern produced mid-size Navara pickups, but due to low demand for the model, it turned out to be unprofitable to maintain the site. Both regional and national authorities in Spain are ready to compromise with the Chinese auto giants, so the Great Wall may soon have a second assembly site in Western Europe.

Great Wall’s plans for the former Japanese-French alliance factory are unknown.

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