Green initiatives: Bentley will produce honey

Green initiatives: Bentley will produce honey

Bentley promotes “green” initiatives – following the plans to create the largest in the United Kingdom the covered Parking photovoltaic arrays, the British automaker has decided to contribute to ensuring biological diversity. By the end of summer with two hives of bees hope to gather 30 kilograms, or about 100 jars of honey. I wonder what will be the price for a jar of honey?

Experts Bentley enlisted the help of local beekeepers with fifty years of experience bortniki Cheshire advised a perfect habitat for insects and found a couple of hives. While the apiary Bentley less the same economy Porsche in Leipzig, but the British brand self-sufficient in electricity by using solar panels.

Bentley’s Board member for production Peter Bosch, said that the company is in constant search of ways to improve the environment and seeks to neutralize the carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, BOSH has made it clear that the care Bentley on biological diversity is not limited to the beekeeping project.

For brands of concern VAG, production of foodstuffs is not new – for example, the parent company of the Volkswagen for almost half a century engaged in the production of sausage “currywurst” from minced pork. Semi-finished products are sold in millions of copies – the German press has repeatedly stated that the sausage of the same name, Volkswagen is implementing a better car.


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