Green Mercedes-Benz has started to make noise

Green Mercedes-Benz has started to make noise

Most markets where electric cars are sold are beginning to legally require that electric cars made sounds at low speeds, to prevent accidents with pedestrians. In particular, from 1 July of such a rule mandatory for EU countries for all new electric vehicles.

In response to these commitments, Mercedes-Benz has demonstrated a sound alerts pedestrians to its electric crossover EQC.

In creating the original sound EQC was attended by sound engineers, acoustic testing center Mercedes-Benz in Sindelfingen. They managed to create a unique sound, impressively close right to the human ear, which picks up the smallest noises that reproduces the electric car, not making any serious noise pollution.


In acknowledgement of their achievements Mercedes-Benz has released an interesting demonstration of his electric sound compared to petrol cars of the brand.

Recall that in the U.S. this requirement will work in 2020.