Gun “cue ball”: what is found in cars from the United States?

Gun “cue ball”: what is found in cars from the United States?


Americans often forget not only personal belongings and hygiene products, but even weapons in their cars! One of the employees of the State Border Service said that the most unusual was found in the cue ball during 2021.

According to our interlocutor, with whom we managed to talk, after the recent discovery of a rifle in the trunk of a broken Ford, this is far from the only similar case. Thus, according to the customs information, 25 weapons and 2,415 ammunition were found from cars that arrived in Ukraine after being purchased at American auctions this year alone.

As for the most unusual things found in cars from American auctions, according to our interlocutor, these are:

  • Sword (not a ball, but a sword!)
  • Cage with a parrot (more precisely, with what is left of it)
  • Clergyman’s costume (or mantle)
  • A stuffed dog (or wolf)
  • Adult Toy Box
  • Milk compartment in boot floor
  • Used diapers with which all (!) compartments in door cards were stuffed

As for the most common things, according to the customs officer, Ukrainian buyers often get cars from the States with small personal items like student ID cards, small money, photographs of relatives, crosses, key chains, wallets, credit cards, etc. But the most common is trash and crumbs, of course.

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