Guns & Ice: Winter Biathlon CHALLENGE Winter Olympics

Guns & Ice: Winter Biathlon CHALLENGE Winter Olympics


May and Clarkson go head to head in the biathlon event – that’s usually cross country running and shooting. But for the version they’re using a Volvo XC90 against an Audi Q7. And where as May uses the standard Biathlon .22 rifle, Clarkson opts for a H&K MP5 Sub machine gun. Because of course he does.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

James grabbed an early lead it is more powerful Audi and in my enthusiasm to catching up I love the Winter Olympics me the wood because captain slow was now well ahead I don’t want to eat golden snow yo stumpy via Fleet I need to eat 6,000 calories a day so that’s the equivalent of two pounds of butter 70 slices of bread eighty-six tubs of yogurt I could be an Olympic biathlete thanks to my off James had already arrived at the shooting ranges magazine in their real biathlete arrives here with his heart doing about 180 beats per minute and he has to time this with his heartbeat and his breathing five out of five to beat Volvo man about his score because nothing is easy the wrong car is using the wrong gun tutus alright when you’re nine aren’t you in a hurry you need one of these a heckler & koch mp5 machine pistol okay fully automatic eat lad Olympic targets oh yeah staggeringly I’d missed the lot so that was a five-second penalty for each one Isis sideways dad that one I’m about a minute behind captain slows with a lot of time to be made up power diesel of course is excellent for operating as we’re demonstrating at – will it really tight give it a bit of boot environmentalists say that when the gulf stream stops Britain will look like this with clouds and nowhere in sight I arrived back at the rifle range and this time we had to fire lying down from inside the car which meant dropping the rear seats that’s it in the q7 it was a Donald oppress that that’s it hey come on now you’re in the middle of the road so stop beeping you good you did the penalties in right seats down now the good thing is I actually have one of these cars at home go down that’s not it I’m stuck how can I not know I’m gonna have to fight my wife hi darling no no I’ll pull the handle other waters okay what’s the great thing about Jeremy’s shooting is that you are perfectly safe just as long as you stand right in front of the target actually I’d learn my lesson and I wasn’t gonna miss this time so with James thundering along I was back in the penalty box but then James stopped and Raylan started crashing James is off yes I mean no no poor James as a Volvo been driven like this before that’s him that’s James come on the connection sod off glasses we on that connect as we coming to the finish no that’s a mistake come on come on don’t care event yes you

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