H2 Motronics – hydrogen motorcycle

H2 Motronics – hydrogen motorcycle


The modern motorcycle community is divided into several groups. Some believe that electric bikes will save the world, but others are more skeptical and are looking for alternative options for the development of motorcycles. And, most likely, they all have the right to development. Startup H2 Motronics sees the future in hydrogen bikes and has already developed a prototype that is at least 25% lighter than any comparable electric bike.

The high-performance H2 Motronics motorcycle uses a hydrogen fuel cell that meets all the requirements: compact, lightweight, efficient, environmentally friendly. In terms of performance, the project is on par with Moto3 racing bikes. This goal was set by the small H2 Motronics team led by Emmanuel Esnault.

The drive consists of a fuel cell, 23-liter tank, compressor, humidifier, measuring and control devices. The bike also comes with all the electronics needed for the Moto3 prototype. The prototype is working, and the latest results have shown that the bike can complete a 4km track in 98 seconds (unbelievable, but hopefully true).

The H2 Motronics hydrogen motorcycle was designed by designer Stefan Waldan. The prototype is currently undergoing a series of tests at FC-Lab in Belfort. If successful, the premiere is planned for the spring of 2022.

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