Hackers will get a million dollars for hacking a Tesla Model 3

Hackers will get a million dollars for hacking a Tesla Model 3


For the second consecutive year Tesla will be the main sponsor of the Pwn2Own hacking race. American manufacturer of electric cars will hand out prizes of $ 1 million for those of you who manage to break through the protection system it models.

This time the organizers of the competition Zero Day Initiative has decided to complicate the task to the participants. They will have to break several subsystems of electric vehicles, which represent three levels of car protection Tesla.

The first stage is the most complex. Hackers will need to create code to get full access to the autopilot system, as well as to overcome the VCSEC system (Vehicle Controller Secondary) responsible for the protection against intrusion, and log in the Central database of the gateway. Those who manage to do it, will receive a prize in the amount of $ 500,000 and a new Model 3.


Prize at the second stage, a more modest, as the task itself. The hacker will need to hack the navigation system “Autopilot” or CAN-a system that monitors the tires of the electric vehicle. The prize is a maximum of $ 100,000.

Finally, in the third phase the participant has to access the media center via USB drive, turn off the autopilot and key hack or app on smartphone, which it replaces. The prize in this case is not money, but the new Model 3.

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