Half a century later: global update Beijing BJ212

Half a century later: global update Beijing BJ212


Chinese concern BAIC released globally improved version of the Beijing BJ212 SUV, which replaced the local army of the Soviet GAZ-69 in the late 1960s. Engineers have reviewed the architecture of the chassis has increased the wheelbase, changed the exterior and upgraded the interior of the vehicle, while maintaining the design half a century ago.

Over 55 years on the Assembly line, the Chinese successor of the GAZ-69 was repeatedly upgraded, adapting archaic design to the modern requirements of safety and ecology. However, the current revision is the global for half a century: the wheelbase has increased by 160 millimeters, the total length of the body 260 mm, changed doorways, a version with a hard body type wagon and fixed roof.


Prior to the upgrade Beijing BJ212 form-factor and dimensions resembled a UAZ-469, because the length of the SUV did not exceed 4080 millimeters, and the interior was accessible through a narrow door with a beveled hem. Now the Windows were more and found a familiar rectangular shape; thanks to the increased wheelbase in the cabin became more spacious.

Army past the novelty is manifested in the design of the Luggage compartment access to Luggage on a version with a removable hard top is difficult, because the back only opens the tailgate. The front end is deliberately left unchanged: in 55 years, only changed the mirrors, the windshield, and there was also kengurin.

Technically updated Beijing BJ212 has little in common with the original model: concern BAIC has developed a new frame and a completely revised suspension, from springs was abandoned in favor of suspension, the front appeared a double-wishbone design, rear left solid axle.

The engine range once again changed – now ATVs are equipped with no alternative petrol 136-HP (200 Nm) turbo engine 1.5 4A91T. The unit fits into environmental standards unlike diesel with a volume of 2.8 liters motor on “heavy fuel” in the line will be no more. The former transmission: 5-speed “mechanics” and four-wheel drive type part-time with a rigidly connected front axle and low range.


In the cabin there are new front panel, steering wheel, door cards and seats. The architecture remains the same: the frills low, all the analog switches, but monochrome screens are now two: the first is located between the speedometer and tachometer on the collection tubes, the second decorates the sound system. After upgrading from chairs appeared mechanical adjustment, and bare metal in the interior of the concealed plastic covers.

The BAIC group invested in the finalization of the Beijing BJ212 despite the fact that the procurement model ten years ago refused local law enforcement agencies and the army. Not to scare fans off-road, the novelty is unlikely to be significantly more expensive than the pre-reform all-terrain vehicle, which is worth 78 million yuan ($11 000).

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