Hammond’s DIY Bond Car Ejector Seat Test at the Movies – Part 2

Hammond’s DIY Bond Car Ejector Seat Test at the Movies – Part 2


Hammond continues his work towards a Bond car on a budget. Step forward a willing volunteer…Buy now DVD special, never broadcast on TV, in which Richard Hammond and James May search for the best movie scenes connected with cars and re-enacting them in their own special way.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: TopGear.com website: Facebook: Twitter:

we now return to our secret spy car testing center where work continues with our bond car on a budget and now we come to Willy the bond signature gadget dish the ejector seat to recap in the film Goldfinger the villain is sitting in the seat the passenger seat of bonds db5 with a gun levelled at bombs hit and then bond presses the thing somewhere the roof opens the seat flies out and the villain is just ejected into oblivion well now I have fitted this car with a similar device achieve an awful lot less than the original ejector seat costs so James are you ready for this no do you think a body is going to nonchalantly climb into this seat when it says on it quite clearly pull to eject you see that’s a cunning double bluff because they’ll think oh that can’t be an ejector seat it says ejector seat on it but in actual fact it is alright so we need a demonstration I’ve arranged for a Bond type villain to get in so if you’d like to kisi look jaws maybe even get AC you’re gonna be the villain haha yes don’t pull that lever yet okay again so that’s another fine ejector seat you’ve got me into what possibly AB so if we ready let’s get the button and retreat and perhaps a bit further a bit further maybe a bit further okay now don’t worry this is just a test so when I hit this button there’s a tiny charge the roof will fly off and your chair will pop up six inches something like that you’ll be safe right let me go oh yeah the roof was supposed to come off yeah I would have guessed that yeah I don’t know it’s gone well is he all right think you might be cross you

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