Handmade? Curve line in the interior of the Corvette

Handmade? Curve line in the interior of the Corvette


Happy owners of Chevrolet Corvette the new generation in picking LT3 complain about crooked seams stitching the front panel.

Despite delays caused by strike of employees of automotive plants in the United States, the production Chevrolet Corvette, the eighth generation has finally begun and the first customers are already receiving their long-awaited cars. However, judging by the Internet forum Corvette Forum, Corvette owners are indignant because of the quality of the interior trim. After one of the users said that it is disappointed with crooked seams on the front panel, the other owners also began to share photos of sloppy stitching.


Ironically, this problem is present only in top-end configuration LT3, the cost of which starts from 71 945 dollars – its interior is decorated by stitching thread in a contrasting color. The base version of the supercar LT1, which starts from 59 $ 995, the color of thread corresponds to the upholstery and her owners do not see such defects. However, judging by the feedback, not all Corvette LT3 has crooked seams. General Motors said that the problem is known to them and the group together with the vendor already trying to determine its cause and scope.

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