“Handmade” is always expensive! Ferrari on the “mechanics” were twice as expensive as analogues with a “robot”

“Handmade” is always expensive! Ferrari on the “mechanics” were twice as expensive as analogues with a “robot”


Used Ferraris with “mechanics” turned out to be twice as expensive as analogs with a “robot”. This is the conclusion to be drawn from the aftermarket analysis of Ferrari’s latest mid-engined three-pedal supercars – the 360 ​​Modena and F430 coupes and spiders. For example, the F430 coupe with a manual transmission costs an average of 110 thousand dollars more, that is, a regular two-door with three pedals will cost more than the F430 Scuderia special version.

The Ferrari 360 and Ferrari F430 could be ordered with either a 6-speed manual transmission or a robotic F1 6-speed gearbox with one clutch and steering wheel shifters.

De facto, the Italian company used the same transmission on its supercars – this feature is used by some owners who abandon AMT in favor of a conventional “handle”, independently changing the design.

Usually in the secondary market, original Ferraris without third-party upgrades are more valuable, but in the case of the 360 ​​and F430, the rule does not work: an F430 coupe with AMT costs about $ 110,000, a coupe with an artisanal “handle” – $ 150,000, and with the original manual transmission – over 200 thousand dollars.

Another category of mass Ferrari that is getting more expensive in the aftermarket is the mid-engined 458 line with naturally aspirated V8. In some cases, “four hundred and fifty-eighths” are already more expensive than the more modern Ferrari 488 GTB with a turbo engine. Probably, in the future, prices for both Ferrari with “mechanics” and naturally aspirated Ferraris will only increase, because there are no more three-pedal models in the lineup, and the “aspirated” version remained only for 812 and its derivatives.

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