“Handmade”: the Porsche, it offers to unsubscribe from PDK 911

“Handmade”: the Porsche, it offers to unsubscribe from PDK 911


For Porsche 911 new generation (992) is now available 7-speed manual transmission as a free option.

Porsche is one of the few manufacturers of sports cars that still offer their customers a manual transmission. But the field of opportunities for the acquisition of Porsche models “on a stick” is constantly shrinking, and if earlier you could buy with a manual gearbox and Cayenne, and the Panamera, now the only purebred sports model 718 and 911, and at last this option has appeared only now, eighteen months after the formal change of generations, 991, 992. Manual gearbox is available as an alternative to the standard 8-step “robot” PDK dual clutch only in combination with Sport Chrono package and only for the version of the Carrera S and 4S.

7-speed manual gearbox, essentially the same that was on the same generation of the 991, but with electronic “extra”: switching down automatically blipping and alignment of the rotation speeds are synchronized gears for smoother and clear inclusions. The kit also includes the Porsche Torque Vectoring system, slow down the wheel turns and the locking rear differential correction handling, and a graphical indicator of the temperature of the tire (it works only with summer tires and using a color gradient on the dashboard allows you to understand when the tyres have reached optimum temperature).


Inc allowed to reduce curb weight of the Porsche 911 45 kg, but acceleration is naturally worse than the versions with PDK. So, the Carrera S the “mechanics” is gaining first “hundred” in 4.2 seconds and with PDK for 3.5, but for the followers of the analog driving is not as important as the ability to “click” programs and handle grip.

Together with the “mechanics” Porsche has announced for the 911 and other interesting options: for example, light weight glazing (-4 kg compared to standard) Smartlift and function that raises the front by 40 mm for journey of lying policemen. The activation of this function is recorded in the navigation system, and when you return to the difficult section of the body will rise automatically.

Note that the global demand for the 911 over the past year decreased in 2019 sold 34 800 copies, 2.2% less than in 2018. the best-selling model in the Porsche last year was the crossover Macan – sold 99 944 PCs (+16.2 percent).

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