Hans Zimmer to create the soundtrack for electric cars BMW

Hans Zimmer to create the soundtrack for electric cars BMW

As you know, electric vehicles move almost silently, especially at lower speeds. From 1 July the EU comes into force the law which requires electric vehicles to make noise when driving at speeds below 20 km/h. It is necessary for road safety.

While manufacturers are thinking about what outdoor sounds to add to its electric, the Bavarians decided to add to their BMW acoustic support for the drivers. The company decided to approach this issue creatively and agreed with Hans Zimmer, who wrote the soundtracks to the films “Beginning”, “Trilogy of the Dark knight”, “the lion King,” “pirates of the Caribbean” and many others. This publication reports the Electrec.

Oscar winner, composer, Grammy-award-winning, Hans Zimmer will work with the sound designer of BMW Renzo Vitale to develop a sound concept of the BMW Vision M NEXT, which will be available soon, as well as for future electric cars BMW.

Silence the progress of electric cars is often cited as the main advantage of electric mobility. However, increasing the range of electrified models from drivers weakens the emotional component of driving. Under the brand “BMW IconicSounds Electric” will be created sound for future electric vehicles from BMW.

“I’ve always been a fan of BMW. When I was a kid, I learned that mom’s coming home by the sound of her BMW. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to create a sound future electric car BMW and create emotions for the future of driving electric cars,” said Zimmer.

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