Happened! All Toyota models will receive a new multimedia system

Happened! All Toyota models will receive a new multimedia system


Over the next three to four years, all Toyota models will be equipped with a new generation of Audio Multimedia, Automotive News found out. The complex, the productivity of which has been increased five times, was the first to receive the new Tundra – it works with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, recognizes voice commands and is updated “over the air”. In the future, the automaker intends to add a number of unusual features to Audio Multimedia, such as tracking the driver’s heartbeat.

Steve Basra, COO of Toyota Connected North America, told Automotive News that Audio Multimedia’s functionality will grow over time. For example, it will be possible to call for roadside assistance if suddenly the car gets stuck in a remote area with an empty tank.

The complex will include a number of sensors that will be able to track the driver’s condition down to the heart rate. In addition, the system will be “taught” to monitor the temperature in the cab and automatically open the windows if it reaches a level that is life-threatening. In addition to all this, Toyota Connected is already working on introducing a driver assistance system for more efficient driving.

Tundra, which was the first to receive the advanced Audio Multimedia suite, debuted this September. For the pickup, built on the basis of the Toyota Land Cruiser 300, an infotainment system with an eight- or 14-inch screen (depending on equipment) is offered.

The new generation Tundra is assembled at the Toyota plant in Texas.

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